September 8, 2015

Our life update

I missed relaying a few things-My mom's little brother did end up dying, fall 2013. It was sad... but he is no longer in pain, and misery. He was depressed and sad most of his whole life, ever since his father died when he was 6 years old. Neither of my uncles ever recovered from his death. So at least they are out of that misery.

On happy news, two of my siblings have married. Mark, my older brother, married Cheyenne the spring before last 2014. And just last month, my little Sister Amber, married Anthony. Both lovely inlaws to have. Anthony and Amber both graduated Law school last summer in 2014. Very proud of both of them and wish them much love and happiness the rest of their lives together. Lela and Belle were Amber's flower girls, RJ and my nephew Seamus were her ring bearers, poor Seamus fell and broke his leg though so he had to be pulled down the isle in a wagon. My sister in law Megan and I were the co-Maids of Honor, and the rest of our sisters were brides maids.

School has started this year for us. We started last week, and are into our second week. This is our first year completely on our own with homeschooling. The first three years we used a local virtual school. It was nice and offered a lot of extras, and a lot of nice free field trips. But, it was time to go out on our own. We are having a great time.

Last year, I developed my own Bible curricula for elementary school children, and a fruitage of the spirit curricula as well as a Memorial reading program. We used it all last year, and are using part two this year, the children do so well with it, and like doing it as too!

Lela is in third grade this year, doing so much, including we added in music and latin this year, and art too! Belle and RJ are doing K and PreK along with her. They are doing really really well. Belle does really well with Math, and RJ loves the counting bears.

Next week is going to be a TON of field trips, there's the State Fair, then the Zoofari with the homeschool co-op, then the Pumpkin Patch with other homeschooling Witnesses, and then a Free Fall Arts and Crafts Fair, that has a ton of free art and crafts for children to participate in.

And most exciting, a sister only a block away has began to homeschool this year. And the children are loving that, they get to see her much more often now. We also have found another witness family further away but still close enough to get together and that's been extra fun too.

I've also discovered homeschool conventions and learned so much at them! Not to mention this years Regional Convention was awesome!! Loving all the new releases.

My tomatoes wasn't too productive this year, but got a ton of chives, and lettuce, and especially mint!

March 19, 2015

Spring has sprung!

We are still homeschooling and loving it. Lela is almost done with second grade, she is with my dad and Darla this week on spring break in Arkansas. She's been doing Calvert through MVPS, but we are about to go out on our own homeschool wise, and start using and Eclectic Relaxed style homeschooling. Been buying all kinds of things for her nature studies and can't wait to get started with it.

Belle has been doing Easy Peasy, and Emma Serl's Number Stories... so much fun. She is really good at it. She is also on spring break with my parents. And RJ is right on her heels loving to really learn more then Belle even. And he is staying home with me this week.

This week, I've also been planting and planting, and cleaning the gardens. So far, I have planted two kinds of chives, and onions, and kale and lily of the valley. This weekend will be some lilacs, rhubarb and more onions, and chives, and kale. I also ordered some seeds for lettuce and tomatoes.

Since I last posted, we have bought a house. It's cute, and I love the huge yard and all the flowers and garden areas already in it. I am having a lot of fun planning and planting more too. Last year, I planted hyacinths that came back and are already up and blooming, lambs year, lilac, and a few other things that didn't live. lol As I was cleaning the flower bed, I also discovered there is already green onions growing in it, two patches! YEAH!


September 4, 2013

Fall is upon us . . .

Well fall is upon us, I put out all my fall decor. On time! lol Took down my spring/summer decor and stored it away. It's still hot here though, but hopefully it will cool down soon. At least we had a very very mild summer.

RJ and Belle "sharing" the skates.
The kids have been having a ball playing with their roller skates I bought at the city wide garage sale last month. The roll all over the kitchen and drive way with them. Now I have to get more pairs. they try to share the one pair but either that results in fights, or disasters of one skate per a child...haha But, at least they have a lot of fun with them. I'm on the look out though for more pairs of skates. I am already itching for next years citywide garage sale.

We are loving the stereo I bought too. And the new song the society added to the website has become this months school son, but big request from the children. It is so nice that they are giving the children so much personal attention. I can tell this will really help this generation of children make the truth their own, and develop a true love and knowledge of Jehovah and his will. My kids sure are loving it. And I am sure many more children are too. We even use it to help us learn other languages, by listening to and singing the songs in the other languages that are also posted on the site.

School is going awesome for Lela, Belle, and RJ. I love it. And I am pretty sure they do too. I really like a free calendar curriculum that I downloaded and printed for Lela. It's teaching her things really well that she would have in grade one any way, but in her curriculum from school it only goes over these things for a day or two. This way we do it every day and she's really learning it well. We also started in a daily Bible reading curriculum that's been a lot of fun. And I am developing my own virtues curriculum I hope to add in soon too. We have a field trip on Friday, Snow cones and painting in the park!   

Uncle Doug, RJ, and I.
My mom's little brother is not doing well at all, and had terminal cancer. Although he is beating the time they gave him to live. He's not doing too well. I am hoping we can visit him a little more often though. RJ looks so much like him in his little boy pictures. I wish I had some of Uncle Doug's childhood pictures so I could show people. We took my double second cousin Debbie to visit him the other weekend. And he was so happy to see her, and her him as well.

A few weeks ago he asked for a book for people to sign who came and visited him and I gave him one. People are signing really nice things in it. Some taking up whole pages of notes to him. So that is really making him feel good.

August 15, 2013

What a summer. . .

We have been so busy. Horrible storms, something called a shelf cloud came though and knocked down tons of trees. Just two weeks ago they were all cleaned up. The storm was two months ago. It's been the rainiest and coldest August I have ever known for Kansas to have. We are usually in severe drought and my garden ends up dieing. At the end of July they were saying we were in the worst drought we had had in years...the river in front of my mom's home was almost completely dry-just a big sand bar. And they didn't know what we were going to do for water. Now we are having flooding, to the point this weeks TMS was canceled.'s CRAZY!

Vince's parents came to visit, and we went to all kinds of neat things. The Cosmosphere, Exploration Place, Cowtown on a field trip with Lela's school. Which was soooo funny. RJ just loves loves loves horses, and he kept climbing the fence to look at the horses in the back pasture, and then jumping off the fence to look at me.  All the while he wasn't noticing there was a cow in the front pasture that was totally intrigued by RJ. So he hopped off the fence, then was about to climb the fence again, when he turned to get back on the fence the cow had stuck his head completely through the fence, and when RJ turned to climb the fence again he was met eye level with the cow! He jumped up in the air and started running! Then once he figured out it was just a cow (a few seconds) he was ready to climb the fence again. Me and the school principal were laughing so hard! We now also have season passes to Exploration Place, we have went a few times. Once even with the congregation which was great fun for all the kids to get together.

We also found out during my inlaws visit that, a new sister in our hall, had Vince's uncle as her CO in her last congregation. So that was kind of neat. 

Last week was our towns city wide garage sale. I ended up spending more then I had anticipated. But, got some awesome deals, and only spent a total of 45 dollars.

I was able to get the kids about 100 books, including a lot of classics and expensive books, like the trendy Bob books for teaching reading. 

When the owner of the local used book store found out I was homeschooling, he offered to bring me boxes of books for free, AND gave me a awesome deal on a telescope.

RJ has very few toys, so I was able to get him a lot of little hot wheels cars which he loves, and stacking blocks.

I also got RJ a lion costume that hopefully we can use when we put on a drama on Noah.

Bought my dad and Vince's grandpa some fun ties.

Brand new children's cds-including Little Einstein, still in the plastic, never opened.

I had been wanting and needing a CD player for the classroom, and ended up with a 5 disk cd changer, that is also a radio, and cassette player.

Got some nice glass parfait glasses, drinking glasses, high chair for the table, and a booster chair for the car, a few clothes for RJ, cookie sheet, ruler things-like vices-brand new in package, some vintage-never used-lint brushes, and shoe shine brush, vintage figurines, a cute little vintage reproduction bucket, hand crocheted doilies, pryex meatloaf pans, and bowls, and much more.

And all you can eat Indian Tacos-at the local community center.

We started school this year. And so far, so good. Lela is still ahead of what we are on, but hopefully she will get some new stuff soon. She has a new teacher this year that I think we will like a lot. I also started Belle and RJ with PreK and they are loving it! Especially the songs. Even RJ just loves it. Lela's back to school swim party will be on Sunday and they are all looking forward to that. I'm also really happy with our new school schedule this year. Last year we mainly only had a song, and Bible story in our daily schedule, but this year we have added scripture copy work, and daily Bible reading, and they are all doing really well with it! And understanding it greatly! I think it will take us a total of two years to read the entire Bible, instead of the traditional one year. But, for littles, I think that is still awesome. And am very excited about how things are going so far.

Strawberries and blueberries were so cheap this week I made a huge batch of jam...I'm thinking it may be my last batch of jam, unless I go to my friends home and pick some peaches and make one last batch of peach jam. But, not positive yet, on that.

So all in all, it's been a busy and fun summer, and looking forward to this school year. It's already been pretty fun.

June 10, 2013

Homes. . .

It has been so hot here! We got the kids a mini swimming pool and they love it. Not so fun though all this mowing in this heat!

Had a wonderful field trip last week at Botanical Gardens. They fed us a nice healthy lunch from Wild Thyme! And it was so yummy!

Saturday we had a summer party for the kids in our congregation. Lela and all the kids had a great time. We BBQ'd and picniced at the park. And they played and played and played. I invited all the kids from our current congregation and a few from our old congregation as well. It turned out really nice. I'm hoping to come up with at least 2 more before summer is over.

Sunday meeting was awesome. We had a guest speaker, I went to pioneer school with his little brother. I always tells his little brothers jokes from pioneer school to this day. He was such a funny brother. Found out he and his wife now live in NY! Who would of guessed? lol But, boy it sure doesn't seem like that should be 20 years ago! ARG! Time is flying by waaaaay too fast!

Also I was finally able to start using Mama Pads, I love them! I am never going back to anything else. Placed another order today!

Now for the bad news. I have a infected tooth that is driving me insane! And we've had a roof leak for at least three months. I told the land lord about it from the get go...and he came and looked and has done nothing, not even a tarp. So came home Thursday to the ceiling caved in! ARG! Sheet rock, mold, dirt, etc every where! Vince's hours were also cut by half at work. So I just don't know. Hoping though that Vince can get a different job. Cause this one is killing him. He's lost 50 lbs and he wasn't very big to begin with. My little brothers are asking if he is ok, he's so thin. We really want to buy a home though. Ironically the one next door is up for sale and we really really really like it. So hoping maybe we can fanagle on over there! We've went to two of it's open houses and really like it. The first open house was closed early due to tornadoes we were having. and the poor woman had to run to shelter. The second one they said hardly any one is looking at it. So I'm hoping hoping hoping we can buy it. It's such a nice home.

April 2, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook. . .

Outside my window. . .rain and snow.

I am hearing...Lela's PC educational videos.

I am thinking. . .Vince isn't going to get home in time for meeting.

I am thankful for. . .being able to have such a wonderful program for homeschooling Lela.

I am remembering. . .how awesome my kids are.

I am hoping. . .the kids can play outside more soon.

I am creating. . .nothing, I need to make some blouses, but not happening.

On my mind. . .losing weight again.

Noticing that. . .The house needs a cleaning top to bottom.

From the kitchen. . .shepherd's pie.

One of my favorite things. . .having energy.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . .Not much. I need to go to World Market and back to Food For Thought. I guess making popcorn and trying a new idea of sprinkling cardamon on top!

What I am reading. . .blogs about muffin tin meals and bentos.

Picture for thought I am sharing. . .
Sleepy RJ! hahaha

April 1, 2013

Muffin Tin Monday. . .

I for sure have to improve on my photography. But, we have been loving doing Muffin Tin Meals.  Today's theme was supposed to be April Fool's on the MTM group, but I went ahead and did spring again.

Top row:
Animal Cracker & Bunny Grahams
Plastic Cupcake-with lemon heads
Ham roll ups on a bunny pick & Pretzel

Bottom row:
Heart Shaped Strawberries
Bunny Mix-Cheddar Bunnies, raisins, dried Cantelope
Tulip shaped Cucumbers

They were completely polished off! Even the tulip cucumbers.